Unique Features of Indoor Basketball Court Flooring

Unique Features of Indoor Basketball Court Flooring

Indoor basketball court flooring is necessary not only if you are creating a court for yourself or the community but also for any other space like a gymnasium. When choosing a basketball flooring, you must ensure an excellent ball rebound, optimal friction, and perfect shock absorption or force reduction. All these features make up the ideal basketball court flooring, making every game enjoyable and safer.

Most basketball court flooring is used for sports and non-sports activities, which is why it is necessary to consider all the unique features to make it a worthy investment. Basketball is popular and popular, and people worldwide love watching and playing basketball matches.

If you are looking for reliable and ideal indoor sports tiles, ZS Floor Tech has great options. We have discussed some unique features of this indoor basketball court flooring below;

Optimal Features of Indoor Sports Tiles

Here are some optimal features of indoor sports tiles that you must know;

1. Smooth and Safe Surface

ZS Floor Tech court tiles' design is unique and made from a wooden floor that gives it a smooth finish. As the manufacturer is quite experienced, they know how to make the best surface with adequate friction without any compromise on its smoothness of it. As these indoor court tiles are derived from wooden floors, it doesn't only have such a visual appearance but also the reflective ability of wooden floors.

Moreover, basketball court floors need to be safe for the players, and these court tiles are surely known for their optimal safety features. It cannot only provide the friction of an NBA basketball court. It can also stimulate rebound but has a safe design and surface for a better experience.

2. Affordable and Easy-to-Maintain

The ZS Floor Tech basketball tiles are known for their cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. You might already know that conventional indoor hardwood court floors are too expensive and might even need professional help as they can be complicated to install. Due to these reasons, hardwood flooring can be pretty complicated to maintain, and their maintenance costs too much money.

ZS Floor Tech aims at providing their customers with affordable sports flooring but with all the exceptional features of a real hardwood floor. These floor tiles come with shock pads on the bottom that provide shock absorption like any hardwood floor. It is also almost maintenance-free.

3. High Strength

The indoor basketball court tiles have 25 elastic cushions on the floor’s backside. These elastic cushions are responsible for doing the work of a shock absorber. This is why you don't have to use rubber mats underneath the court tiles for the base layer.

In addition to the extra cushioning and shock absorption, these basketball court floor tiles are much cheaper for installation. It will save you a significant amount of indoor basketball court construction costs.


Indoor basketball courts are quite a significant part of many communities and even residential buildings with enough space. These court tiles can also be used in the areas like a gymnasium or a backyard to give it a more elevated look. So, if you are looking for indoor basketball court tiles, ZS Floor Tech offers some great products.