Is Buying Suorin Air Pod Kit Worth It?

Is Buying Suorin Air Pod Kit Worth It?

Nicotine-based e-liquids gained a reputation since they help get the needed nicotine dose and are less adverse. However, using these salts in regular tanks and RDAs was toxic. So, the pod systems came into the scene.

When it comes to vaping pods, Suorin is a reputable brand. Understanding the choosiness of vapers for their vaping devices, the brand manufactures the most high-quality vapes. Recently, their suorin air pods have gained much hype in the youngster and adult society. Here is a detailed review of the latest Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit that will help you decide if it fits your needs or not.

Which Features Make Suorin Air Pod Kit Worth It?


Many vapers, beginners, and experienced prefer closed vaping systems. Although before, there were other variants by Suorin, the Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit quickly bested them. The pod’s exterior resembles its predecessor; however, now it is sleeker and more compact, so it's super-easy to carry.

In addition, the case features flow lines that ensure a firm grip and comfy use. The final dimensions of the system make up an average palm size. There is no compacter model out there!


After the exterior, the cartridge capacity interests the users the most. Fortunately, the pod system makes an exceptional pick here as well. The system uses a large e-liquid tank that can hold 4.9ml of liquid for long-lasting use. The tank capacity gained the top score as many users prefer a larger tank with a compact size.

Powerful magnets keep the cartridges in place, so there is no fear of spilling. At the same time, it is easy to replace.


The 930mAh battery outputs a power of 18W, so you get a more extended usage duration than other pod systems. You can turn on the device in two ways: the small button on the side or by a draw. The side button also incorporates an LED to indicate the device's battery level.

The Protection Systems

Usually, users fail to find out what happened to their pods while they are working fine before the charge! Since the pod kit operates on a battery charging mechanism, it requires various protections to ensure longevity.

The Suorin pod features five protection systems: overcharge, short-circuit, low-voltage, open-circuit, and 5s protection. So if any of things happen, your pod remains intact.


To further compliment the premium design, the kit comes with two types of charging: Type-C and Pogo charging. The charging time for the pod is about 2 hours. However, it also allows pass-through (you can vape while charging).

The Not-So-Glowing Features of Suorin Air Pod

Unfortunately, like all other devices, there are some deficiencies in the Suorin pod kit. Firstly, it offers a coil of 1.0 ohm, which is not replaceable. It is a pro for some users while a con for others. Next, the device has a filling system at the bottom, which is more prone to leaking than other pods.

The Final Verdict

The Suorin vape kit is a commendable option whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper. It offers a large liquid tank, has a sleek cyberpunk design, and features a large battery. To further the system's prestige, it comes in 11 different colors, making it an excellent choice for gifting purposes.

Although the pros of the vape kit stretch far more than the cons, it is essential to mention them. The Suorin kit has a non-replaceable coil and a bottom filling system. However, it has a decent price tag so you can buy it even on a tight budget.