Disposable Vapes and Pod Systems Difference

Disposable Vapes and Pod Systems Difference

There's a rookie debate about disposable vapes and pod systems that they are just one thing. Sometimes these rookies mistook disposable vapes for pod systems and vice versa. Here is factual information to differentiate one from another.

Disposable Vapes

This kind of vape is self-explanatory, but new vapers still don't know the difference between disposable vapes and pod systems. Disposable vapes are disposable after using and depleting all the prefilled e-liquid inside the device. Everything is going to be disposed of upon depletion. Newer models of disposable vape may come with a rechargeable feature, but that is only for extending battery life to fully use the e-liquid inside the device. There's no way of replacing an empty cartridge with a new and filled one, just like in pod systems. There is also no means of exploiting the device and finding a way to refill the e-juice tank inside. Any human interference with the device will ruin it almost immediately. It is meant for a single whole round of use, and that is it.

Pod Systems

Pods are commonly mistakenly called disposable vapes because of disposing of the cartridge and replacing it after emptying the tank. However, the consumer only needs to dispose of the empty pod or cartridge, not the whole device itself. A vape pod's primary mechanism can be used by the consumer repeatedly as long as there's an available e-juice cartridge for that specific model available on the market. Only a part of a pod system is being disposed of once emptied, not the whole thing making it not entirely disposable and should not be called like one.

Which is better Disposable or Pods?

The answer will be what kind of vaper will use the vape. Disposable vapes are the best bet for new users or smokers considering shifting to vaping. Disposable vapes are way cheaper and more accessible for a starting vaper. Also, disposable vapes allow consumers new to vaping to find the e-juice flavour and nic level comfortable before fully committing to vaping. With disposable vapes being widely more accessible due to their success in the vaping market, it is now easier to convert more smokers into vaping without scaring them with the substantial upfront cost of buying a pod system.

On the other hand, the pod system is designed for veteran long-time vapers who want to always have a vape on the go. Pod systems always come with a slick and ergonomic design that is very discreet and can be kept even within the pockets. Pod systems are also costly compared to disposable vapes as they offer convenience and easy carry for the tenured vapers fully committed and converted to vaping.

Final Thoughts

There's no need to debate between disposable vapes and pod systems. It is essential that both of the devices help the advocacy shift more people into vaping rather than slowly burning their lungs with cigarettes. Yes, there are a lot of drawbacks to disposable vapes but also pod systems as well. All types of vaping mods have their kind of drawbacks with different sets of factors. But all vape mods share one thing in common, vaping saves lungs better than going into the harmful smoking of cigarettes. Instead of a debate within the vaping community, go now and educate more people about the dangers of smoking.