Bulk Bobbleheads: How to Order and Customize for Your Sports Team or Organization

Bulk Bobbleheads: How to Order and Customize for Your Sports Team or Organization

Promotional bobbleheads are now a common tool businesses, organizations, and sports teams use. One of these amusing and personalized figures can portray the players on your team, the CEO of your business, or any other person of your choice. Giving bobbleheads to supporters, staff, or members is simple because you can order dozens or hundreds of figures simultaneously. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about ordering custom bobbleheads bulk for your sports team or organization.

Choose the Right Manufacturer

The first step in ordering bulk bobbleheads is to find a manufacturer that can deliver the quality and quantity you need. Look for a company specializing in custom bobbleheads with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products. Check their online reviews and testimonials, and don't be afraid to ask for samples of their work. It would help if you also looked for a manufacturer that offers a range of customization options, such as different poses, outfits, and accessories.

Design Your Bobbleheads

Once you've found a manufacturer, it's time to start designing your bobbleheads. Most manufacturers will have an online design tool allowing you to upload photos and choose different figure options. You'll need to provide clear photos of the person you want to create a bobblehead of, including front, side, and back views. You should also provide any additional details, such as the person's height, weight, and hair colour. If you're designing a bobblehead of a sports player, you can choose the player's uniform and add any necessary accessories, such as a baseball bat or a basketball.

Choose Your Quantity

You must decide how many figures you want to order when ordering bulk bobbleheads. This will depend on your budget and the size of your fan base or organization. Most manufacturers offer discounts for larger orders, so ask about bulk pricing. You should also consider the minimum order quantity, as some manufacturers require a minimum of 50 or 100 figures.

Set Your Budget

Before placing your order, you must set a budget for your bulk bobbleheads. The cost will depend on several factors, including the number of figures you order, the customization level, and the materials' quality. Remember that higher-quality materials will result in a more durable and lifelike bobblehead and increase the cost. You should also factor in the cost of shipping and any additional fees, such as rush orders or changes to your design.

Review and Approve Your Design

Before your bobbleheads go into production, you must review and approve your design. This is your chance to make any final tweaks or changes to ensure that your bobbleheads exactly look as you want them to. Some manufacturers may provide a 3D rendering of your design, which allows you to see a virtual version of your bobblehead before it's created. Be sure to review your design and provide feedback carefully as necessary.

Receive Your Bobbleheads

Once your bobbleheads are in production, you'll need to wait for them to be created and shipped to you. The time will depend on the manufacturer and the quantity you ordered, typically around 2-4 weeks. When you receive your bobbleheads, inspect them carefully for any defects or issues. Most manufacturers offer a satisfaction guarantee, so contact them if you're unhappy with your order.

Distribute Your Bobbleheads

Now that you have your bulk bobbleheads, it's time to distribute them to your fans, employees, or members. You can hand them out at games or events, include them in promotional packages or giveaways, or sell them in your team or organization's store. You can also use them to raise funds for your team or organization by selling them to fans or supporters.


Bulk bobbleheads are a fun and unique way to promote your sports team or organization. With the ability to order dozens or even hundreds of figures at a time, you can easily distribute them to fans, employees, or members. By following the given tips, you can create a successful bobblehead campaign that promotes your team or organization and engages your audience. So why not try bulk bobbleheads and see how they can help take your promotion to the next level?