How to avoid the ugly side of buying wholesale women clothing

How to avoid the ugly side of buying wholesale women clothing

It has become quite a growing trend for people to ditch retail channels when buying clothes for wholesale shops. There are several reasons for this, and one very prominent one is the discount and overall reduced cost of buying clothes in bulk rather than in one or two pairs.

As great as it sounds, however, buying clothes in bulk has its downside too. Many people seem to gloss over these negative aspects when introducing shoppers to the concept, which can cause a lot of mistakes on the part of newbie wholesale shoppers. Thankfully, this article will reveal these downsides and how to mitigate them.

Credible Stores

Shopping for clothes in bulk is still a pretty new concept that many people do not know about. As such, there aren't a lot of online clothing stores you can visit to make bulk purchases. However, several fake websites pretend to offer wholesale clothing options, and it can be hard to tell the difference. This is why it is best, for now, to go with popular online stores, like the shewin wholesale site for example. That way, you can be sure you are on a credible platform with no fear of being ripped off.

Logistics Nightmare

Many make a case against wholesale shopping because they don't have that big a need to buy clothes in bulk. A commonly suggested way to get around this is to team up with friends to bulk up your purchase. That sounds like a great workaround, and it is. However, it is only when the bulk of one hundred or more clothes arrive that the nightmare of sorting clothes starts to become apparent. It is then that the pain of going through layers of clothes to mark who owns what becomes so clear, and you feel defeated.

It doesn't have to be a pain, and you don't have to feel defeated. A way to mitigate this is to have someone in the group dedicated to collecting the clothes and bringing others to help sort. It has to be a group effort. Another way to make things easier for you and the group is to group your purchase in different collections. You can buy bottoms first, and then tops, etc. That way, you will receive two separate orders, one containing bottoms and the other tops, making it easy to sort through the clothing articles.

Return Policy and Shipping Costs

Cynical wholesalers may try to play smart when it comes to the cost of shipping or their return policy. Make sure to compare the shipping fees of one online store to the other for a well-informed choice. Defective items will likely be shipped alongside good orders. Every store has a return policy for this eventuality. Before placing your order, check to see if theirs is suitable.


Every exciting innovation has its downside, and wholesale clothing is no different. You have to ensure you are aware of them and have the foreknowledge to mitigate them. This article reveals the most common issues you may not foresee, and it goes one step further to proffer solutions. Take them seriously, and you will have a hitch-free shopping experience.